Our mission: to prevent poverty by focusing on educational success

Our mission

Our mission is to prevent poverty. To achieve this objective, we have chosen to contribute to the educational success of young Quebecers by helping them develop their full potential and by helping to create the conditions that will meet their needs as well as those of their families.

We target the educational success of young Quebecers so that they will become independent, fulfilled parents. By "educational success," we mean the development of each child's full potential from conception to 17 years of age so that he or she will grow to be an adult who is educated, qualified, socially skilled and who has adopted a healthy lifestyle.

The development every aspect of a child's potential (physical, psychological, cognitive, social, affective) is an incredibly complex process. An initiative that focuses on one particular aspect cannot be expected to solve all problems, have an impact on all factors or be applicable to every milieu.

Our approach

The Foundation has a broad vision of all the individual and social factors that affect childhood development and of the actions that can contribute to achieving its mission: to prevent poverty by focusing on educational success.

We also believe that many innovative, effective and lasting solutions have to be tested and put into widespread use. The Foundation's status as a philanthropic organization allows it to come up with new ideas and to provide the means to make them happen.

Mobilizing communities

One of the Foundation's approaches is to promote the mobilization of a large number of civil society actors -- organizations, institutions, stakeholders and parents -- in order to spark the creation and implementation of appropriate solutions. We believe that individuals who are present in children's lives are particularly well-placed to contribute to their development, starting with their parents and family, as well as the local actors who work in the communities where those children live, especially in areas where many of them are living in poverty.

It is this belief that led the Foundation to set up, in 2007, long-term partnerships with the Quebec government to support local and regional mobilization in areas that are critical to educational success: early childhood development, healthy lifestyle habits and student retention.

To help communities mobilize effectively, moreover, the Foundation strives to provide them with the support they need to develop all the capacities and resources required to meet their objectives.

Raising awareness

To complement actions resulting from community mobilization and create conditions and environments that are conducive to educational success, the Foundation has set up tools and organized provincial awareness campaigns on the importance of early childhood development for the intention of parents and all the community, social, economic and public actors in Quebec society.

The Foundation's primary awareness tool is Naître et grandir, which comes in several forms: a magazine, a website and a communication initiative intended mainly for parents of young children.

The Foundation also maintains connections with organizations, stakeholders and institutions that are recognized leaders in their fields and known for their capacity to bring about positive change within Quebec society. Thus, the Foundation is a member of the Early Child Development Funders Working Group, a cross-Canada network involving eight foundations.

What we do