Portage’s Mother and Child Program

Supported by the Foundation from 2005 to 2013

Portage is a non-profit organization that provides drug addiction rehabilitation programs. During their therapy, residents (adolescents, adults, mothers with their children, pregnant women and people with mental health disorders) develop the skills they need to overcome their dependencies and live healthy, productive and drug-free lives. 

For several years, Portage has welcomed substance-dependent women who are pregnant and/or have young children into its regular program. Counsellors had noticed that these women were reluctant to ask for help for fear of losing legal custody of their children.

In 2005, to better meet the needs of these women and their children, Portage, in cooperation with the Foundation and various other partners, designed an intervention and treatment program to help strengthen mothers' bonds with their children during the treatment period.

Children remain in their mother's care at all times, except for when they are at La Ribambelle, the on-site daycare centre. There, the children are cared for by specialized childcare workers who prepare personalized intervention plans for the children and work with their mothers to achieve the children's objectives. 

The Mother and Child Program provides the following services:

  • 6- to 8-month program based on individual need
  • A mother may have up to two children with her between the ages of 0 and 6
  • One-year follow-up at the Habitations Communautaires Portage is available
  • Specialized and unique therapeutic community adapted to the needs of mothers and their children
  • Psychological and physical security

Portage also understands how important it is for the children to maintain relationships with the other significant people in their lives (father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, social worker, etc.). The program therefore includes weekend activities, planned outings, and special events that allow the children to spend time with other people who are close to them.

The centre can accommodate up to 25 women and 25 children. The program is offered free of charge to residents of Quebec and their children.

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