Fondation de la Visite

Supported by the Foundation from 2007 to 2016

Fondation de la Visite offers free at-home support for pregnant women and parents (both mothers and fathers) of newborns in six Montreal sectors:

  • Bordeaux-Cartierville;
  • Côte Saint-Luc/Hampstead (René-Cassin territory);
  • Hochelaga-Maisonneuve;
  • Lachine/St-Pierre/Dorval;
  • Montréal-Nord;
  • Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Through preventive intervention, the Fondation de la Visite strives to:

  • break the isolation of families
  • improve parenting skills
  • improve the parent-child relationship. 

Its mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of children by focussing on a healthy parent-child relationship and ensuring that every newborn comes into a welcoming and stimulating family environment.

Experienced parents, called mères-visiteuses and pères-visiteurs ("visiting" mothers and fathers), come to the aid of families living in their neighbourhood. These non-professional counsellors meet with the new parents at least once a week and accompany them to the institutional, community and municipal resources in their area. In 2012-2013, Fondation de la Visite's visiting parents provided support for 393 families, 83% of whom were immigrants, which is not surprising given the multicultural nature of the communities in which it is present.

The team of visiting parents receive training to help them understand the many different realities and situations that families are confronted with, especially in an intercultural context. They are also supported and supervised by counselling coordinators. Partnerships with local organizations, developed based on the interests and needs of the families, are set up and maintained by the intervention team and the general manager.

The Guide d'implantation du Programme de la Visite project

Over the years, several community organizations have asked the Fondation de la Visite for information on setting up a similar service in their community that also offers training and support for counsellors.

In response to this need, the Fondation de la Visite came up with the idea of developing a Guide d'implantation: a guide that would define the program's approach and explain the various steps involved in setting up a similar program based on the available resources in a given neighbourhood or region.

The Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation considers the approach developed by the Fondation de la Visite to be an effective way to reach out to vulnerable and immigrant families. This non-traditional form of intervention provides families with information on resources that are available to them and facilitates their integration into Quebec society. It is for these reasons that the Foundation became interested in helping to finance the Guide and subsequently also provided funding for its publication and deployment as well as for the "knowledge transfer" aspect of the project.

The Guide d'implantation is divided into the following sections (note that the Guide is available in French only):

  • Pilot project
  • From the point of view of scientific research
  • Profile of the Fondation de la Visite
  • Offer of services
  • Hiring, training and supervision
  • Evaluation process
  • Start-up, costs and benefits

To learn more about the Guide

The Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation also contributed to the structuring of the organization's volunteer program and the further development of its training program.

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