The Bien dans mes baskets Program

Supported by the Foundation from 2009 to 2014

The Bien dans mes baskets program began in 2001 at Jeanne-Mance secondary school in Montreal. The program was initiated in response to the concerns of psychosocial service providers who were having difficulty making contact with certain young people with serious problems, including those from underprivileged multi-ethnic areas.

Bien dans mes baskets is a preventive psychosocial development program that uses extracurricular basketball as an intervention tool. It was set up by a school social worker at the Jeanne-Mance Centre de la santé et des services sociaux (CSSS).

The team involved in the program takes advantage of the adolescent development period when children are forming their identities to focus its actions on students' needs and their living environment. Practitioners strive to promote prosocial behaviour among young people by raising their self-esteem through participation in a project that reflects their interests and by encouraging their interest in school.

Bien dans mes baskets is an intervention program that includes many different social actors: young people, their families, school practitioners and the community.

Given the relevance and success of the program, the Foundation decided to support it, seeing it as another way to fight dropping out and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

The program has three main components:

  • Continuing the Bien dans mes baskets program at Jeanne-Mance secondary school
  • Participating in an evaluative study by the Université de Montréal aimed at documenting the program's implementation and impact
  • Setting up Bien dans mes baskets pilot projects in other schools that are adapted to local needs.

During the 2012-2013 school year, the program took on 112 students (39 girls and 73 boys) who were divided into groups based on their age, sex, athletic criteria, social needs and degree of motivation to participate in the program.

A further 140 primary school students were added to the group, meeting twice a week as part of a program to ease the transition of Mini dragons from primary to secondary school.

Over the years, the program and its participants have won many awards and prizes, and have attracted a great deal of favourable attention from both schools and communities.


"We see our program as part of our students' overall education. They have classes in French and math, but they also need to know how to develop into fulfilled individuals and citizens."

Martin Dusseault, founder and coordinator

"Since I came back to Jeanne-Mance, I can see a real improvement. I try as hard as I can to control my emotions. Now, thanks to this school and the Bien dans mes basket program, I really like going to school. I don't want to drop out anymore!"

Sephora Chery, athlete and Secondary 4 student (2012)

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