Projet car (collaborer, apprendre, réussir)

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In recognition of the expertise and leadership role played by educational administrators within their organization, the Chagnon Foundation and the Association des directions générales des commissions scolaires (ADIGECS) have set up a partnership to encourage several school teams to collectively take responsibility for improving their expertise and their students' success in order to improve the graduation rate.

The objective of the project is to strengthen the professional skills of management and teaching personnel and to create cultures of cooperation within school teams. The project, which will require the voluntary commitment of participants, has two axes: 

Generate expertise in the schools by developing collaborative practices

The main axis of the program is centred on five measures:

  • Set up communities of practice among educational administrators to focus on improved learning and academic success for all students
  • Set up communities of practice for participating school principals to improve their educational leadership
  • Set up collaborative cultures and practices-professional learning communities, for example-that bring together educational administrators and interested teachers
  • Create a network of 'model' schools
  • Encourage professional learning communities or professional development groups to take part in conferences and recognize the pedagogical achievements of certain schools.

Facilitate access to proven pedagogical practices in educational settings

The second axis is two-fold:

  • Create partnerships with organizations involved in the transfer of knowledge and skills in connection with the improved success of children in public school
  • Finance the publication and distribution of definitive articles on the subject of leadership and academic success.

The project is being rolled out in the most regions throughout Quebec

Communities of practice are already in action. The next steps will be aimed at rolling out the project in participating school boards.

Projet CAR website


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