L’Accorderie (le Réseau Accorderie)

Supported by the Foundation from 2007 to 2016

L'Accorderie is a social enterprise incorporated as a multi-stakeholder co-op or non-profit organization that supports a bartering system for exchanging services among individuals. The members of an Accorderie provide all types of services for each other based on their individual talents and knowledge. Barters are paid in social currency, which is not money or its equivalent, but time.

Examples of services exchanged by members of an Accorderie:

  • Help with homework
  • Haircuts
  • Personal transportation
  • Computer repairs
  • Language courses

The main objectives of an Accorderie are to:

  • Fight poverty and social exclusion
  • Promote social mixing (people of different ages, social classes, nationalities and genders)
  • Strengthen solidarity within a given community (neighbourhood, city, village or region)
  • Contribute to the development of a social economy

The first Accorderie was created in Quebec City in 2002 in response to a need for community solidarity. The concept caught on quickly, sparking a great deal of interest in other cities. By providing support for the Réseau Accorderie since 2007, the Foundation helps to develop and consolidate existing Accorderies and create new ones.

Today, the Réseau Accorderie includes:

Ten Accorderies throughout Quebec:

More than 2,000 members

Over 1,000 services offered in addition to collective services such as group purchasing and micro credit.

We believe

"We believe" is a short video that uses images to illustrate our constantly renewed desire to prevent poverty for the good of future generations in Quebec.


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