Québec en Forme to promote healthy eating and active living

Healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, favourable living conditions and stimulating, safe living environments are all factors that contribute to the overall development of children and adolescents: their health, their well-being and their educational success.

In October 2012, the Institut de la statistique du Québec published the results of the Enquête québécoise sur la santé des jeunes du secondaire 2010-2011 (Quebec health survey of high school students 2010-2011), which revealed that 70% of secondary school students do not get enough physical activity and that 67% do not eat the recommended five daily portions of fruits and vegetables.

These results only confirm the recognized importance and urgency of taking action to improve the situation of this sector of the population through physical activity and healthy eating.

The Quebec government and the Foundation have been focused on this issue for several years now. In 2002, an initial partnership agreement led to the official creation of the non-profit organization Québec en Forme, whose primary mission at that time was to promote physical activity among young Quebecers. Then, in June 2007, a new partnership agreement was signed, under which $480 million was jointly granted to Québec en Forme for the ten-year period from 2007 to 2017.

Today, in order to encourage young people to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, Québec en Forme focuses on three key areas:

  • Helping to mobilize communities: The combined efforts of young people, parents, teachers, practitioners, stakeholders, school principals, mayors and health specialists can encourage communities to take action to ensure their young people will get moving and eat better.
  • Changing environments: Targeting individuals is not enough. We have to create the necessary conditions for young people to make healthy choices (making it easier to get to school using active transportation, for example).
  • Transforming social norms: Social norms are what influence our behaviour in society. Everyone agrees that it's a good idea to be more active and eat better, but is that actually the norm for our social behaviour? Québec en Forme is working to make that happen.

Today, Québec en Forme includes:

  • 163 local partnership groups
  • 23 Aboriginal community groups
  • 17 involved regions in Quebec
  • 2,265 primary and secondary schools
  • 1,100 municipalities
  • 3,583 local partners
  • 19 regional projects
  • 33 provincial projects

Projects supported

Québec en Forme contributes to many projects that target different segments of the population at the local, regional and provincial levels. The following are just a few examples of the type of projects to which Québec en Forme lends its support.

Examples of local projects

Ateliers de cuisine santé

Healthy cooking workshops in student residences

In cooperation with community organization La Manne du jour, the Regroupement Antoine-Labelle en forme et en santé has taken the initiative of showing students at the Polyvalente St-Joseph de Mont-Laurier in the Laurentians how to make healthy, economical meals.

Patinoire Chomedey

Introduction to skating in a multicultural neighbourhood

Chomedey is a multi-ethnic neighbourhood that is home to a large number of young families. The association Chomedey en Forme offers beginners' skating courses for families and children from 5 to 12, an activity that has proven to be extremely popular.

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Examples of regional and provincial projects

À pied, à vélo, ville active!

On the Move in the Community

The mission of the On the Move in the Community project (À pied, à vélo, ville active!) is to promote a culture of active transportation in municipalities throughout Quebec in order to improve the health and well-being of their citizens as well as the environments they live in.


La santé au menu

La santé au menu

An initiative of the Fondation de l'Institut du tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec (Fondation ITHQ), La santé au menu is a program whose goal is to improve food choices offered by restaurants, cafeterias and snack bars that are popular with children and teenagers from 0 to 17.



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A communication campaign 



The Wixx communication campaign encourages tweens from 9 to 13 to take part in active recreational activities and active transportation. The objective of the campaign is to prevent the major decline in physical activity that occurs around 13 or 14 years of age by ensuring that young people are well-informed and by changing their attitudes toward regular physical activity.


The mission of Québec en Forme

To mobilize all of Quebec society to promote healthy eating and active living, both essential for young Qubecers to reach their full potential.

Québec en Forme website


La Tuque en Forme et en Santé
What’s that?

La Tuque en Forme et en Santé  is an association of partners whose mission is to encourage citizens to adopt and maintain the healthy eating habits and physically active lifestyle that are crucial to the total development of children and their families in La Tuque and the Haute-Mauricie. (in French)


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