Réunir Réussir (R2) to promote student retention

Term of the agreement with the government: 2009 - September 2015
Réunir Réussir ceased operations September 30, 2015.

According to a report published by the ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports), 25% of young Quebecers do not finish high school before they turn 20, with serious consequences on their future and quality of life.

In 2008, in order to obtain an accurate portrait of the situation, the Foundation met with Quebec's 15 Instances régionales de concertation (IRC)* (today there are 20). It also participated in the Groupe d'action sur la persévérance et la réussite scolaires au Québec (Action strategy on student retention and student success) headed by L. Jacques Ménard, President of BMO Financial Group, Quebec.

This work led to the publication of Savoir pour pouvoir, an action plan to contribute to the success of the fight to keep students in school while recognizing the specific needs of each region, school, neighbourhood or village. It left no doubt with respect to the negative effects of a low graduation rate in the under-20 age group:

  • Enormous economic and social costs in the short, medium and long term-both for individuals and society as a whole
  • A weakening of the social fabric
  • A growing labour shortage.

These effects are felt more keenly in certain remote regions-to the point of jeopardizing their survival.

The Foundation therefore decided it was a priority to help young people stay in school so that they could realize their full potential, find employment, achieve financial independence and play an active role in the social and economic life of their region and of Quebec as a whole.

In a shared determination to reduce the growing number of students dropping out of school-a major social problem-the Secrétariat à la jeunesse du gouvernement du Québec (Quebec Youth Secretariat) and the Foundation created the non-profit organization Réunir Réussir (R2). This initiative represents an equally divided total investment of $50 million over five years, from 2009 to 2014.

Réunir Réussir believes that each region has the necessary resources and expertise to cooperatively improve the educational success of its young people. The organization brings actors and stakeholders together-parents, citizens, representatives of public, parapublic or private organizations, business people and psychosocial practitioners-by providing support for actions initiated by IRCs* to keep children in school and promote the educational success of young Quebecers.

Student retention relies on many different factors: family, personal, scholastic and environmental. So far, a large part of the joint investments by Réunir Réussir and IRCs* have been aimed at valuing education, parental guidance, balancing education and work, motivating students and developing resources within the community.

Examples of contributions


Centre pour la réussite éducative et sociale


Le Centre pour la réussite éducative et sociale

Réunir Réussir is a partner in a major regional initiative promoting the educational and social success of young people in the Vallée-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent. Several local and regional actors have come together to work with the region's youth. Dropping out, integrating into society and the workplace, balancing work-education-family and personal commitments, and recruiting a qualified labour force are all topics that concern the young people living in this region. Over $3.3 million will be invested between now and 2016.

 Montreal Hooked on School

Montreal Hooked on School

Montreal Hooked on School is an umbrella organization of 30 regional partners dedicated to student retention and educational success. It supports, in particular, the implementation of projects aimed at dropout prevention and at keeping at-risk students in school (or encouraging them to return to school) in targeted areas on the island of Montreal.

Allô prof

The web portal "Allô prof"

Réunir Réussir is providing Allô prof with $300,000 in funding for the creation of its new interactive homework help platform. This significant investment in the Web portal is a perfect fit with the objectives of Réunir Réussir: it will help create a tool to encourage youth throughout Quebec to stay in school, especially in remote regions, underprivileged neighbourhoods and allophone communities.

Journées interrégionales de la persévérance scolaire

Inter-regional "Hooked on School" days

Every year since 2010, Quebec has promoted educational success during the Inter-regional Hooked on School days. Hundreds of activities are organized throughout Quebec aimed at mobilizing communities around young people to talk to them about personal effort, perseverance, the risk of dropping out and the advantages of having a high school diploma.


The mission of Réunir Réussir

To support initiatives that promote student retention in Quebec by focusing primarily on mobilizing the Instances régionales de concertation (IRCs)* and local communities.

* An "instance régionale de concertation (IRC)" is a group of regional actors from different sectors working towards a common goal in the same region in support of local communities.

Réunir Réussir website


We believe

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