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The Foundation

Mission and values

Preventing poverty through educational success


Our mission is to prevent poverty by contributing to the educational success of young Quebecers (from conception through to age 17) and helping them develop their full potential. To fulfill this mission, we provide long-term support for organizations and associations that are working together to actively develop their capacity for sustainable initiatives aimed at promoting the educational success of all children living in Quebec.

By "educational success" we mean the development of every child's full potential (physical, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional) throughout their young lives, helping them to grow into adults who are educated, qualified and socially skilled.


Our vision of Quebec is that of a supportive, equitable and inclusive society that enables every child and every family to realize their full potential and play an active role in society.

Based on these principles, our orientations and our approach, we have chosen to lend our support to communities, networks and organizations that offer these kinds of resources.

Our commitment to society

The Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation contributes to the prevention of poverty by focusing on educational success—a priority reinforced by Quebec society. Because of our philanthropic status, our resources are there for the community: we are responsible and accountable for our actions and the consequences of those actions. We believe that our contribution should complement, not replace, the essential and legitimate role of government. We listen to stakeholders and citizens, and are committed to involving representatives of civil society in our decision-making bodies and practices. Our objective is to provide long-term support for initiatives within and in support of the Quebec's social fabric.


  • Solidarity: promoting mutual aid and prioritizing the common good
  • Social justice: acting with transparency and equity
  • Inclusion: being open, welcoming diversity as a strength, and recognizing each person’s ability to succeed and make a contribution
  • Agility: being flexible and creative in our work while constantly seeking out rallying, inclusive solutions based on what we have learned
  • Collaboration: combining everyone’s strengths, working together in an atmosphere of trust, and nourishing relationships based on mutual respect.

We do our very best to embody these values every day; they guide our actions both internally and externally. We do everything we can to share these values and ensure they are known and recognized by all our partners and stakeholders.

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