Préparer son enfant à l'école

Marie Charbonniaud, Éditions du CHU Ste-Justine

The new Questions/Réponses pour les parents collection was created to provide information for busy parents caught up in a hectic lifestyle. Attractively produced in full colour, Questions/Réponses pour les parents looks at issues related to the lives of children, the family and maternity from a health-promotion perspective. Préparer son enfant à l'école was produced in cooperation with Bien grandir. What do children need to be ready to start school? How can I get my child interested in reading and writing? How can I help my child with his or her social skill? How can I encourage independence? Those questions-and many others-are answered in this practical publication.

ISBN : 978-2-89619-154-3
84 pages - $9,95 - In French only

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